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The Shrinking Fields of Pokkali
A centuries-old organic farming in the backwaters of Kerala, making use of a symbiotic relationship between rice crop and prawns, is slowly disappearing as it is not commercially viable anymore and because of the high demand for real estate.


Growing Rice

Cultivated Rice
 Ecological practices & biological control

Rice Varieties and Seeds
 Seed conservation (storage) & breeding

Rice Farming Communities


Women harvesting rice
Women harvesting rice

The food and life of Asia
At least 114 countries grow rice and more than 50 have an annual production of 100,000 tonnes or more. Asian farmers produce about 90% of the global total, with two countries, China and India, growing more than half. Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam come next, accounting for 8.4%, 6.9% and 5.4%, respectively. Today, there are about 645 million tonnes of paddy produced annually over roughly 1.5 million sq km. Ninety per cent of it is grown in Asia over about 1.3 million sq km. The top exporters of rice are Thailand, Vietnam, India, the USA, and Pakistan in order of volume.


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