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Art and Culture
Being so intrinsically bound to the cultures of Asia, rice has inspired artistes of all genres to glorify it through various art forms.




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Rice Art & Craft - Museums

Rice Wine Museum, Shanghai, China
This museum details the history of Chinese wine and shows rice wine traditions and culture. For more information please click

Rice Museum in Georgetown County, South Carolina, U.S.A This museum depicts the history of the rice culture in Georgetown County. For more details please click:

Rice Museum in Camargue, France The Rice Museum (le Musée du Riz in french) tells the long story of rice in Camargue. More details are available at:

Thai Rice Farmers National Museum features the history of rice farming, equipment, farmer’s life, and rice-related topics from the past. Find out more at:

Tteok Museum teaches the history and tradition of Korea’s rice cakes. It also provides you with the opportunity of learning the tteok-making process hands on and sampling them. To find out more please click:

Subak Museum in Bali
This museum possesses some old documentation as well as some of its traditional tools used in agriculture by the Balinese. More information about this museum is available at:

Traveling to Spain? Do stop and visit Valencia Museum of Rice. More information is available at: :

Did you know there are museums dedicated to rice in Malaysia? Well visit:


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