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Art and Culture
Being so intrinsically bound to the cultures of Asia, rice has inspired artistes of all genres to glorify it through various art forms.




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Rice Art & Craft - Paintings

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Painting on Vietnamese rice fields
Looking for an unordinary gift? Why not give a beautiful painting depicting rice fields. For more information please visit:

Rice paper batik is developing fast. To see more click the link below:

Many paintings are done on rice cultivations. To view some of them click the links below:

If you are an art enthusiast and would like to see the different ways rice fields are being depicted on canvas, do visit:

Engraving & calligraphy on rice grains is a tradition from India. If you wish to find out more go to:

Japanese are creating a new form of art using rice paddies. Check it up at:

Looking for a wide selection of rice paintings for sale? Do visit:


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