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Being so intrinsically bound to the cultures of Asia, rice has inspired artistes of all genres to glorify it through various art forms.




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Rice Literature

The Eagle and the Rice Birds (Chinese Fable)

How Rice Came to Earth is a Javanese Folktale telling how rice appeared in Indonesia. Read it at

The Burning of the Rice Fields is a Japanese short story about how a man’s quick reaction to danger saved a whole village. Read it at:

The Statues in Straw Hats is a Japanese legend about how one gets rewarded for being generous and selfless. Read the full story at:

The Goddess of Rice The Goddess of Rice story tells how rice found its way to the Island of Java. To read please click

Fish and Rice Fish and Rice is short for children about self control and gratitude. Read the full story at:

A Fistful of Rice: A Gujarati Fable This story is about an old rich man who asked his two daughters in law to take care of a handful of unhulled rice. To read the full story please click:

Under the Rice Moon This short story by Rhiannon Puck is about a swallow bird’s desire to escape from its cage and frustration as no human is able to understand its wish. Read the full story at:

The Rice Dumpling’s StoryTo learn the story of the rice dumpling please click the following link:

One Grain of Rice video

The Siamese RICE goddess Mae Phosop (Thai: แม่โพสพ) is the Siamese RICE goddess. Rituals are made to propitiate her during the different steps of rice production. Villagers believe that she ensures everyone has enough to eat. To learn more please click

The Legend Of The Rice This short story, by Katherine Neville Fleeson, tells us how rice grains came into being. Do read it at

A Measure of Rice (Short Christmas Story) shows us how powerful love can be during famine. For the full story please click

One Little Bag Of Rice, is a short story by Edward Eggleston about how a wise man utilizes a small bag of rice. To read it please click

Fish and Rice story teaches children about gratitude and self control. The story is available at

The Golden Mountain and the Weeping Rice is a folklore available at

On Rice Thousand Gold is an old Chinese fable. To view the video story please click: :

Worms in Rice is a short story about a Saint named Vedanta Deshikar. To read the story please click::

The story of the Rice Cake is a famous Vietnamese folklore. To read please click:

The Legend of Rice is a tale from Ancient India. To read click the following link:

Rungus folklore describes the relationship between rice cultivators (Rungus) and rice spirits (Bambarazon) who are the keepers and protectors of rice. To read the full story please click the following link:

TILIN, THE RICE BIRD is a Philippino folklore about a little girl who turned into a little brown rice bird. The full story is available at

Rice Pudding is a poem by the late Alan Alexander Milne. To read it please click:

One Grain of Rice, a clever mathematical folktale by Demi, shows how a selfish king is outsmarted by a village girl. To read please click the link below:

Many wonderful stories on rice are available. The following link directs you to a short story entitled ‘Rice Bowl Wishes’. To read please click the link below:


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