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Art and Culture
Being so intrinsically bound to the cultures of Asia, rice has inspired artistes of all genres to glorify it through various art forms.




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Special Uses of Rice for Beauty

Ancient Asian Beauty Secret – Korean Cosmetics with Rice
Click the link below to learn more about Korean beauty products such as rice facial scrub, rice masks and emulsion cream:

Bedak Sejuk or rice powder pastilles for smooth skin

Rice powder face mask

Rice Water
Asian women have been using rice water in their beauty regime for centuries. It gives women beautiful hair and skin. The following website shows you how to prepare rice water

Neutrogena Shine Control Collection
The revolutionary line combines lightweight, breathable makeup with exclusive rice protein complex. To view the products please click this link

Anti-wrinkle cream with rice flour
For those looking for a natural beauty treatment to combat the damage of time, you should know that homemade facial mask from rice flour is not only easy and fast to make and apply but it is also relatively inexpensive. Do click the following link for the recipe:

Perlier Black Rice Intensive 14 Days Age-Defying Beauty Program
Searching for anti-ageing beauty products? Check out Perlier’s beauty treatment at:

Having oily skin and looking for a solution? Rice powder is natural remedy against oily skin. Find out more at:

Longing for shiny and healthy hair? Click below for a natural treatment

Japanese women are known for their beautiful skin. Find out their secret by clicking the link below:


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